Transforming Deliveries with Automation

Another step forward towards lowering the cost and increasing the convenience of local deliveries by @udelv_av.

With autonomous vehicles quickly gaining momentum in technology and regulations built to support them, what are the potential uses they could make our world and day to day lives better?

With their distinctive orange vehicles, former Apple and Tesla employees are leading the organisation doing just this, leveraging autonomous vehicles to transform the last mile of deliveries: bring down the cost of deliveries and increase convenience through technology.

This is more than just a concept, in late January 2018 the last-mile delivery vehicle made the world’s first public road test deliveries from a local Market to two nearby customers. The 2.5-mile loop with traffic lights, lane changes, unsignalized left turns and two delivery stops, was accomplished flawlessly and in compliance with existing California regulations.

The company claims the vehicle, In its current configuration, can drive for up to 60 miles per cycle and can load up to 700 pounds of cargo featuring 18 secure cargo compartments supported by cloud-based proprietary technology that is shared between the vehicle, customers and merchants.

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