Cyber Security Desktop Exercise

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Project Description

We were commissioned at a leading british organisation, well known around the world to validate their crisis management & Major Service Incident Management (MIM) processes.

The customer wanted to understand how their organisation was prepared for their highest risk (highest likelihood combined with highest impact) scenarios from a cyber security perspective.

We worked together with approximately 40 key stakeholders to:

  • Define their individual business unit (BU) key risks and prioritise them to identify as a group their highest risks (highest likelihood combined with highest impact)
  • Derive and develop and complimentary scenarios which would expose those high risks
  • Ran the “war games” desktop exercises in parallel with live operations for minimal disruption
  • Prioritise and identify the strengths and weaknesses for praise and projects to plug any unexpected weaknesses.

Running this “desktop exercise” gave the customer confidence  that when calling on their crisis management, it was proven to be effective in real scenarios, not just on paper.

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